They never looked like losing

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After a glorious summer evening watching the events at Wembley stadium unfold I can say with utmost confidence and satisfaction that justice has been served. The best team in modern football has come out triumphant against the thugs and louts of Manchester.

It would have been a travesty if a team who swears at watching audiences, abuses referees and sings about events of human travesty (Hillsborough disaster chants in the FA youth cup this season) were to win the top trophy in club football and be revered as the top team in Europe. Manchester United were built up before the final as tactical masters for their much publicised training routines in which they mimicked the top Barcelona players in a bid to learn how to stop them. Barcelona did not dabble in the same nonsense and came to London to play their game.

Some will question why I was not supporting the English team in the final and my honest answer is that I’m embarrassed that they are representing England. Manchester United stand for all that is wrong in English football and this was shown, in earnest, when Wayne Rooney scored the equalising goal in the first half. For a man who had just scored a goal in the biggest game of his life it was surprising that not a single smile or sign of happiness appeared on his face. This, for me, says it all about the attitude of the current Man Utd team. Those scenes were in great contrast to when Messi scored Barcelona’s glorious second and you could see the emotions of the Catalan players.

All in all, Saturday 28th May 2011 will be remembered as a great day for football.

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4 thoughts on “They never looked like losing

  1. Just before you say United fans sing crude songs about human travesty can you acknowledge that Liverpool ‘fans’ sing songs about Munich.

    1. I’ll admit that there is a minority of fans who will sing songs about these travesties however the Hillsborough chants stood out because I watched the game and you could hear them on tv which means that a good number of man u fans were signing it.

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