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This round of App of the Week is dedicated iTorch 4. This app seems to be very popular in the App Store with an average rating of 5 stars from a current tally of 358 ratings which I found to be very high for a simple torch app and gave me a reason to check it out.

The description of iTorch 4 promises to provide much more than just a torch, with a “strobe light function” and “SOS signal feature” as other advertised facets.

The Good

Upon opening the app there is no annoying splash screen and the main functions are available immediately. The user interface manages to be clean and stylish while still remaining low key which is a HUGE plus for such a simple, yet essential app like this.

I was also really impressed with the functionality of what could have been a simple on/off light app. The SOS function flashes the LED light on the iPhone 4 in the Morse code for the letters SOS which, in very rare situations could be a life saver. The strobe light function allows users to manually set a rate of hertz (number of flashes per second) for the light however apart from impromptu raves I can’t really see a practical application for this function.

The Bad

It may sound picky but there’s no reason why the strobe function could not be activated by a simple switch button on the main dash. Instead you have to delve into the settings panel which seems a bit of a pain.

Also, for the fact that the app could be used in an emergency it could have been advantageous to include a module which emits a large noise to try and attract more attention in distress. While this seems unnecessary for an app called iTorch, due to the iPhones lack of any real multi-tasking, if the app were to be used in an emergency the lack of this feature could be the difference between life and death.

Additionally, and I’m not sure how they can justify this, there is an option to purchase the premium version for a whopping £1.19. The only additional features of note is the fact that it removes the ad for the premium version and adds options for theming the main control panel. While I understand the need for the developer to recoup money from sales I still think this goes a little far, especially considering the exorbitant price.

The Evaluation

For me, iTorch 4 is a definite must download for all iPhone 4 owners. I is less essential for owners of previous iPhones as the functionality is reduced due to the lack of LED flash. I would also advise just sticking with the free version and avoiding the pricey premium version unless you feel the need to give money to the developer.

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