The Olympic Ticket Moaners

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Well it seems that a great majority of the 2012 Olympic games tickets were allocated and paid for today. It also seems as though the obligatory moaners have come out in force when they checked their bank accounts and found out that no, they didn’t get their 100m finals tickets that they poured all their hopes and dreams into when opting for the £50 lower tier ticket. The fact remains that they knew exactly what they were signing up to and agreeing to when they entered into the ticket ballot. Out of the people that applied, some people will have been allocated tickets and if the number of applicants exceeds the number of tickets then some people will lose out.

A quote in today’s newspaper taken from twitter read:

“so no tickets for all my kids – not for the hockey, the fencing, the canoeing. Motto: lets disappoint the nation’s youth”

I’m willing to bet big money that this disgruntled tweeter didn’t apply for some low key events like a reasonable person but instead went for the finals of these events. In which case, while they are unlucky to not get anything, if they had lowered their expectations then they may have walked away with tickets.

Another quote that stood out was from Matt bath of popular information magazine “Which?”.

“People didn’t enter into the purchase for the event with a clear idea of what their odds were, how many tickets were available for each venue and where indeed they would be sitting if successful.”

My response to this is that some people should start using the large block of tissue that is contained in the cranial area of the body, yes, their brain. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that the importance of a round (e.g. Semi finals, quarter finals etc) determines how many people are going to be applying for the tickets. People just need to be savvy and spread their risk. It also doesn’t take much to work out that the tiers of seating will determine viewing distance and area of the stadium. The lowest tiers of seating will get the worst lines of sight and will generally further away from the action.

What this really boils down to is that people are being very sore losers to a game of chance. Nobody has been cheated out of anything and people who end up with nothing have either been very unlucky or incredible over optimistic. I have manage to clinch 1 of my 2 sets of tickets which to be perfectly honest is as much as I could have hoped for and I’m sure I’ll enjoy my lower heats of hockey very much despite missing out on the men’s 100m final.

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