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HISTORY: Nature is an international science journal which publishes professional papers on a variety of scientific developments, experiments and new theories. It publishes weekly and from a range of universities and teams within different scientific disciplines. The content is technical but the journal provides ‘news and views’ on all the latest discoveries, enabling the public to grasp the effects of the discoveries and the main concepts. You know the content is new and technically accurate.

WHAT IS IT? The journal also provides a weekly podcast which discusses and explains new research from within the journal with scientists and the like.

WHO PRESENTS IT? It’s hosted by Kerri Smith, Geoff Brumfiel and Geoff Marsh, and features reporters Charlotte Stoddart and Natasha Gilbert (American and English). Pretty decent people… keeps the listener amused and interested. No mumbles or waffles of language.

HOW IS IT STRUCTURED? The podcast contains on average three main discussions on research which balances between physics, biology and typically archaeology or chemistry. One of these three main discussions is at the beginning and the other two slot in the middle. ‘6o second science’ normally follows the first discussion, this is my favorite section as it explains a research topic in a minute in a concise and easy manner. ‘News chat’ and ‘Nature headlines’ also feature each week. The ‘News chat’ is an interview with a scientist linked to a particular topic. ‘Nature headlines’ feature the most significant or bizarre research found in the journal. This structure for me is a good balance of main in depth discussions with small bulletins of information. Also the interview allows the listener to hear the views of professional scientists at the forefront of their field. Perfect for keeping in touch with the latest knowledge.

HOW LONG IS IT? Over an hour on average. This is good to listen on a long train journey, revising, or just to listen to when your browsing. Not for those who want a 15 minute buzz.

WHY SHOULD I LISTEN TO IT? Simple. To keep in touch with the latest science and to keep your brain or as my colleague would say ‘the block of matter in your cranial area’  wired. It is interesting and for those who are curious and want to know more.

WHERE CAN I GET IT? Itunes… search ‘Nature podcast’. Or on the website…


RATING:  9/10      It’s a keeper!


Studying Physics at Swansea University and may interests lay in quantum mechanics, thermodynamics and neuroscience. I enjoy rowing, sport and politcal banter.

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