Sunday High 5 : Movies to look forward to in 2011

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This weeks Sunday High 5 is all based around the world of Cinema. We’ve already seen some great movies released recently including the Hangover 2, 127 hours and I am Number Four. However we still have a load more to look forward to. Let’s take a look.

5. Captain America : The First Avenger

This film promises to be one of the best comic book adaptations of the year which is no mean feat when you have Xmen, The Green Lantern and Cowboys and Aliens all in 2011. Captain America will appeal greatly to the USA market through his patriotic image so I can see this film grossing highly when released.

4. Cowboys and Aliens

Another comic book adaptation which I placed higher than Captain America due to its fresh approach which hasn’t really been done. The Captain has appeared in many cartoon series so there’s not too much scope to work with. I think this new concept is zany enough to appeal to modern movie goers and you can be almost certain that the sequels will start flowing if it even does moderately well at the box office.

3. Transformers : Dark of the Moon

The third instalment in the Transformers movies provides more innovations with most of the “transforming” cast receiving upgrades inline with what appears to be some very clever sponsoring by companies such as Chevrolet. While I’m sure this will be a huge blockbuster movie with amazing special effects and a stunning musical score I do feel that there’s only so far that they can take this set of Transformers movies in terms of scope. They should just call it a trilogy and let it rest.

2. Super 8

From probably my favourite director, JJ Abrams and produced by the legendary Steven Spielberg this film looks set to take the “Lost” style of storytelling but squeeze it into a feature length film. Look out for special clues and hidden messages galore while all add to the suspense that Abrams finds so easy to create.

1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II

There was no other film that could come first this year. The final part of one of the greatest movie series of all time second only maybe to Star Wars. This film will take some of the greatest action sequences of the series if it stays true to the books with the siege of Hogwarts to be recreated in CGI glory. The big question is whether they try and recreate that last chapter that was so lacklustre.

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