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I have chosen this weeks app based on the fact that the main bulk of
A-level exams is coming up and I’ve found quite a cool app which could help to keep you organised, not only through this exam period but also through out the next school or even university year.

The app is called iStudiez Pro and costs £1.29 in the app store. This tool helps to keep your academic life organised through time tabling, course profiles and teacher/instructor profiles. At the beginning of setting up the app you can either use sample data just to have a play around or take on the task of filling in the details of your courses including lesson times, exam times and instructor details. There are options for single or recurring lessons so that you can save from entering in duplicate information.

In addition to the timetabling aspect there is also a feature in which assignments such as coursework and homework can be entered and monitored which could come in handy for those with a shockingly bad memory such as myself.

The Good

The design and layout of the app is incredibly user-friendly with iOS design standards, such as the button and tab placement, strictly adhered to throughout. There is also a nice use of number revolvers to enter in numerical values such as lesson times which makes the tedious task of data entry that little bit easier.

Also prominent was the fact that for just about any entry that is added you can add notes to compliment it. Say, for example, a particular piece of coursework needed special attention or needed something doing to it ahead of deadline day. When, or after, you add the coursework to the iStudiez app you can affix a note reminding yourself of the special measures that need to be taken. While this doesn’t sound like much it could be a really powerful tool for someone who has a lot of meticulous course work that requires a lot of small tweaks.

The Bad

While this app could be the secret weapon for unorganised students (me included) I don’t think it goes far enough at the moment. There is scope for the app to be a much more in depth assistant. How about if it gave you alarms when you needed to be at a lecture or lesson? Or even if it used location based information to calculate how far you needed to travel, how much time it would take you and then alerted you early so that you have time to get there. There are some quite amazing possibilities here.

There are also some needless features that are apparent. For instance, when I tried to add a teacher to a course so i knew who was teaching me when, I expected to just enter a name and be done with it. Instead I was presented with almost a personal profile screen where I was prompted to enter in such information as webpage, office hours and even a picture! While I’m sure that my teachers would be impressed that I was putting effort into organisation, I also think they’d be more than a little worried if I started photographing them and asking for their office hours…


I would recommend iStudiez Pro for any student who is not a complete organisational freak already. It is suitable for all higher levels of schooling from upper secondary school straight through university and becomes so much more useful with the more courses and irregular lesson patterns you have. I do hope that if the developers are in the process of updating the app that they look to start filling out the full scope of how good this could be, especially along with the new iOS 5 notification system which enables a more seamless transfer of information to the user.

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