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Oh yes it’s a free one!

WHAT IS IT ? The Spendometer is a simple little tool designed to budget your week or month. You input your weekly or monthly budget and input what you spend daily. This information allows the Spendometer to calculate how much you should be spending per day or week and how much money you have left to spend (if you want to keep to your budget).

WHO IS IT FOR? It’s for everyone. Though it’s really a question of who needs this gizmo. University students could do with this app, as they need every bit of help they can get to finance their lives. Also as this app is portable, it will be a winner for the young tech nation who need it at all times to keep their pocket money from vanishing into expensive black holes. (A must for everyone really).




THE PRO’S: It’s simple. Input your budget for the week or month and/or input budgets for specific areas of your life e.g. food/drink, health or travel. It is a quick and easy app to use, I got it started in a couple of seconds.

It is also a very flexible app. Gives you the opportunity to create your own categories for your budgeting. You could say make one for your partner (if you spoil her or him) or for Christmas presents. In that sense it is adaptable to your circumstances.

I also liked the idea of a going out budget. Say you and your mates go out for the day and you say to yourself I am taking 100 pounds but like to come back with 85. Then simply input 100 pounds into the going out section and what you can keep an eye on your money without the human calculator error.

Another pro is that it is free. The Best of all!


THE CON’S: The downside of this app is that it isn’t smooth or truly intuitive to use. It’s simple but the layout of one section ‘spendometer’ which shows a meter  and how much you are spending per day, how much you have left etc. could be arranged so that you see the calculations first which are more helpful. The meter has no numbers or labels on it, I wander what it actually tells the user.

The app just doesn’t have that slickness, that user interface which makes you think ‘beautifully designed’  or ‘ahh so clever’! It may function well but it is an avergae joe when it comes to looks and interface. But hey ho it works.

RATING : 7/10      Useful, simple and free. Get it.

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