Four books you need to read before university

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                                             “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”                                                        – Benjamin Franklin

Reading is important. It shapes our thought processes and feeds our hippocampus lobe with facts and our frontal cortex with puzzles. Without the ability and drive to read, our ancestors efforts to store knowledge and stories will go unrewarded. If at an instant all of humans lost the ability to read, we would literally be transported back into the prehistoric barbarian times, for all of recorded history, knowledge for us to live and build and social networking sites that intertwine humans will cease to have purpose.

Isaac Newton believed he was ‘standing on the shoulders of giants’. His discoveries were built on his predecessors works, he did this through reading.

I am a rational believer in the saying; ‘mistakes are things to be learnt from’. One mistake that I think we should all learn from is the mistake of Religion. The irrational and delusional superstitious belief in a creator has led to some, quite frankly, irrational and delusional behavior. One book that offers objective, rational and a well balanced case to why we should learn from and forget religion is the God Delusion.

The God Delusion

by Richard Dawkins

           I read this only a year ago, stumbling upon on it whilst I was in need of some decent arguments against God and all its derivatives. I had a few of my own arguments against it but I wanted to read a balanced book.

Richard seriously owns Religion in this book. His arguments are tantalizingly clear, simple and grounded in reason. He offers arguments from both sides, but any human trained in reasoning knows whose won (just in case you don’t know… it’s science).

Even if you are agnostic and ‘are on the fence’ this book will teach you how to argue and how to do it well. I have learned a great deal about religion itself and its history. You will realize the affects religion has had on our world (you can check for yourself).

This will enable you to become a mature thinker and above all will show you how to argue and reason (essential for any degree).

9/10     A MUST

The Rules of Wealth

by Richard Templar

    ‘The rules of wealth analyses the behaviours, the mind-sets, the lifestyles and the financial know-how behind becoming a richer, happier and more prosperous you.’

I have to admit… this book does not guarantee you billions of pounds. It is a guide. It is not clustered with too much economic jargon, graphs and formulas. It is written in a conversational style with plain and simple English.

The book is set out in Rules (as the title suggests), with each rule being important to you becoming more competent in your own finance. For example… Rule 59 – ‘Control spending impulses’. This may seem simple but Templar guides you into the know-how of actually using these simple rules.

If you follow Templar and use the rules to the best you can, you will definitely feel more in control of your own finance. This control is essential for university and will help you save money.

7/10   Go ahead.. nothing to lose !


Chaos : The amazing science of the unpredictable 

by James Gleick


      For any young prosperous mind, Chaos is a must read. At its heart it is an historical and simplified mathematical exploration of the amazing new science of chaos. This book is clear, fascinatingly interesting and will simply change the way you perceive and interact with the world.

You will journey through the origins of chaos and begin to build an understanding of it and of its significance not just in science but to human kind.

Chaos is at the brink of discovery, it is a new paradigm… a ground-breaking idea that will change everything. If your going into an academic world, loading yourself with at least some sort of understanding in it will help you become radical and it may affect how you form your higher education.


9/10 –  Pretty shmexy read


On Liberty

by John Stuart Mill

   On liberty is a political tour de force. Even to this day the insights into liberty and its importance are phenomenal.

Mill is an extraordinary author in this political nutshell. He argues for the individual and his/her right to live a life full of flourishment and interference from tyranny. Most of our justice system is based upon these foundations, that the individuals freedom is of utmost importance and any impingement of it will result in legal sanction.

It is quite a challenge to adjust to the lanaguage, but it is definitely worth it.

Entering university this will enable a liberal outlook on politics, science and life in general. You will become a much stronger defendant in liberties as you will understand its fundamental importance.

8/10  A graceful, important and essential read for any young intellect.



















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