We have to be honest with ourselves at this point in time and admit that the current housing market is an absolute shambles. In a country where owning your own home is the norm it’s unacceptable that, for me to be able to purchase a house of a small amount lesser value than my parents or grandparents, I need a mortgage which requires a £60,000 deposit and at least a £70,000-a-year income. This should be expected considering my area of residence: Oxfordshire where house prices…Continue Reading “Housing Policy and the Budget 2015”

Consumer Habits

We have to stop seeing consumers as entities to which we sell. Instead retailers, especially in the FMCG sector, should see consumers as commodities to be bought and retained – natural resources within the retail universe. Traditionally, the view of a market is such that there are three entities. There is the Product which can be bought and sold. This services a ‘want’ of the Consumer for that specific product. The Retailer sells the Product to the Consumer if, and only if, the price (a…Continue Reading “The New Market Perspective”


So I, like many of you, have received an email today offering £10 off a £20 spend on goods offered through selected sellers on eBay. The email presented the message as such: The terms and conditions attached to the offer were that it had to be used through a PayPal seller and on a good with a price over £20. I’d like to take a moment to assess eBay’s rationale for promoting this offer. A simple demand and supply analysis would show that the offer…Continue Reading “Is eBay really giving away money?”


Thought I’d just make a quick note of something I had a think about this morning. I’ve always wondered about the motivation of some firms to provide free services alongside the purchase of a product. For instance, I bought a guitar yesterday and was given a free case and a free set of strings. I didn’t know that I was going to receive these items in addition to the guitar and they certainly didn’t factor into my value appraisal when I considered purchasing. There doesn’t…Continue Reading “The Economics of Apple Engraving”

It is throughly apt that there are calls for the resignation of G4S head Nick Buckles at the time of this article’s writing as it is a complete justification for the conclusion of the argument to come. It would appear that the insurmountable turmoil of modern society has made the common British citizen, the perpetual target of the British media, rather paranoid. Paradoxically, people seem quite willing, and in many cases quite eager to let a government, that is at least partially responsible for the…Continue Reading “The People Call Blindly For Social Justice”


The state of the Eurozone countries has increasingly seemed to be on the verge of plunging the world into further financial meltdown over recent weeks with more rumblings from Greece and alarm bells ringing in other countries such as Spain and Italy. It looks ever more likely that France and Germany won’t be able to fully support the economic union that they dominate, coupled with America’s ongoing debt crisis the perfect storm could be in the offing. The question does need to be asked as…Continue Reading “The Euro Was Always A Step In The Wrong Direction”


I’ve decided to begin a Saturday feature in order to collate my various economic articles into a structured series rather than have them scattered at irregular intervals. The “Economics Of:” will analyse facets of everyday life from an economic perspective to show people’s motives and reasoning for different actions and decisions. The first topic that I have to discuss is that of all-you-can-eat buffets. Most people fall into two schools of thought when they decide to opt for eating at a buffet. One group of…Continue Reading “The Economics Of : All You Can Eat Buffets”