illegal immigrants

A very common complaint in radical right wing circles is that illegal immigrants are stealing the jobs of lower wage citizens. If you speak to many Americans in some of the southern states in the USA the word “Mexican” is almost slang for illegal aliens as the Mexicano latino population is so large and many are in the states illegitimately. It is the view of many that the ones who are getting the jobs illegally are to blame for much unemployment in affected areas. However…Continue Reading “Who Really Causes The Illegal Immigration Problem?”


Today marks the annual WWDC Apple Keynote. It’s a time where new Apple products such as the iPhone tend to be announced and upgrades to the existing OSx operating system are promoted. However, today will be a much more hard hitting event with far more wide reaching consequences. Yes, the usual upgrades will be present that we are used to seeing year on year but today, if most technology experts are correct, should see the announcement of “iCloud”. iCloud will be Apples first entry into…Continue Reading “Physical Media goes to iHeaven”