While at university I have refined a recipe that I have been working on for probably the last two years now. It used to be known as the WallĂ© bar due to a nickname I was given but they have been faithfully rebranded at university to ‘inside-out cookies’ due to the fact that the chocolate and cookie parts of a chocolate chip cookie have been swapped around. Essentially it is a variation on the standard fridge cake and is really cheap and easy to make…Continue Reading “Recipe: Inside-Out Cookies”


Welcome back, it’s been a while. Today marks a change in the direction of due to the fact that I’m at University. The content of the site will now start to veer away from the traditional political and economic analysis that you have all become accustomed to reading as this sort of thought will now be channeled into my University work. Instead, you will be delighted to find that I am now focusing on useful tips and observances that I’ve come across in my…Continue Reading “Foodiversity – Cookies with Dietary Requirements”