Continued from The New Market Perspective. As a student, I lived on ready meals. Despite being catered in College I often found myself, on an evening, strolling down to Tesco in order to pick out my dinner for the evening. I went with every intention of ‘stocking up’ so that I wouldn’t need to make a visit to a shop for the next few days but, invariably, I left with one meal that would cover me for the evening. This was only a year ago,…Continue Reading “The Interpurchase and Visit Intervals”

Consumer Habits

We have to stop seeing consumers as entities to which we sell. Instead retailers, especially in the FMCG sector, should see consumers as commodities to be bought and retained – natural resources within the retail universe. Traditionally, the view of a market is such that there are three entities. There is the Product which can be bought and sold. This services a ‘want’ of the Consumer for that specific product. The Retailer sells the Product to the Consumer if, and only if, the price (a…Continue Reading “The New Market Perspective”