small.DAWKINS_The God Delusion

                                             “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”                                                        – Benjamin Franklin Reading is important. It shapes our thought processes and feeds our hippocampus lobe with facts and our frontal cortex with puzzles. Without the ability…Continue Reading “Four books you need to read before university”


Chaos   The clockwork Newtonian world recedes in the intellectual horizon. Its time at the frontiers of our science and intuition has come to an end, the gradual rise of a new science has already begun. The seemingly orderly universe which we encounter every second is more liberal than what we thought, instead of being completely predictable and deterministic  nature is unpredictable and chaotic. Does this mean Newton’s laws of motion and all the work derived from them are useless? Shall we hammer out our…Continue Reading “Nature and disorder: Chaos theory”


Sky Sports News ran a fairly insignificant feature amongst the madness of the transfer window and tennis today. It revolved around the creation of a new educational establishment in Burnley based inside the Turf Moor stadium of Burnley Football Club. This new establishment looks set to provide such valuable qualifications as a degree in Football Studies. That means that some poor soul will be shelling out £9k a year sometime in the near future for just another virtually worthless degree and then moaning when they…Continue Reading “Stop With The Crazy Degrees”