Syria Bombing

I’ve been reading Kissinger’s ‘World Order’ recently and in the opening pages much is made of the impact of pluralism on peace within the international system. In light of recent discussions within Parliament about potential conflict in Syria where we see a discussion, essentially, of the likelihood of a victorious outcome, I am reminded of some of the discussion around Democratic Peace Theory that I engaged with whilst in Oxford. Democratic peace theory is a central strand of the study of International Relations. It initially posited…Continue Reading “Democratic Peace Theory, bridging the gap between Monadic and Dyadic peace”


The recently reported Cyber attack from China on the Google accounts of top American officials heralds a return to the modern battle between capitalism and communism held in shaky balance between fierce competitiveness and all out war. A survey carried out by the nationalised Chinese newspaper Global times in early 2010 indicated that over 55% of people in China believed that “a cold war will break out between the US and China” and since then incidents such as cyber attacks have been on the increase…Continue Reading “So begins Cold War 2”


Since the Conservative government has come into power there have been numerous talks and measures imposed on the British public designed to curb the expansive budget deficit accrued by the Labour party during the recent recession. While some have claimed the measures to be harsh, I have always taken the opinion that they have been needed and that the ordinances that have been cut were worthless government programs and bloated, near socialist policies. Then we have student fees which I feel hit two birds with…Continue Reading “The government can’t preach austerity and then increase foreign aid”


The past year has been a turbulent one for the Arab world. With major uprisings in the dictatorial states that dominate the area such as Libya, Bahrain and Syria the supposed “War on Terror” had been overshadowed. This was until Osama Bin Laden was found and killed in his compound in Pakistan. Now the future of the Middle east hangs in quite a delicate balance. On the one hand radical Islamists have been exposed to a relatively passive method of political protest which, unlike their…Continue Reading “Now is the time to be decisive in the Middle east”