Syria Bombing

I’ve been reading Kissinger’s ‘World Order’ recently and in the opening pages much is made of the impact of pluralism on peace within the international system. In light of recent discussions within Parliament about potential conflict in Syria where we see a discussion, essentially, of the likelihood of a victorious outcome, I am reminded of some of the discussion around Democratic Peace Theory that I engaged with whilst in Oxford. Democratic peace theory is a central strand of the study of International Relations. It initially posited…Continue Reading “Democratic Peace Theory, bridging the gap between Monadic and Dyadic peace”

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INSIDE NORTH KOREA: Death of big brother, Kwan-li-so, witnesses and satellite photographs By Luke Kristopher Davis (   Isolated from the world since the rein of King-il-Sung, North Korea has become a cold, deluded and power monopolized nation. There ‘beloved’ leader (pictured above) has fallen due to a heart attack but his totalitarian  infrastructure still stands in all of its atrocities. Will the death of King-jon-Il initiate any internal political rebellion or movement? This may be unlikely as a surprising amount of North Koreans show actual distress and sadness…Continue Reading “Inside North Korea”


The state of the Eurozone countries has increasingly seemed to be on the verge of plunging the world into further financial meltdown over recent weeks with more rumblings from Greece and alarm bells ringing in other countries such as Spain and Italy. It looks ever more likely that France and Germany won’t be able to fully support the economic union that they dominate, coupled with America’s ongoing debt crisis the perfect storm could be in the offing. The question does need to be asked as…Continue Reading “The Euro Was Always A Step In The Wrong Direction”


Chaos   The clockwork Newtonian world recedes in the intellectual horizon. Its time at the frontiers of our science and intuition has come to an end, the gradual rise of a new science has already begun. The seemingly orderly universe which we encounter every second is more liberal than what we thought, instead of being completely predictable and deterministic  nature is unpredictable and chaotic. Does this mean Newton’s laws of motion and all the work derived from them are useless? Shall we hammer out our…Continue Reading “Nature and disorder: Chaos theory”


  The woman who cannot be stopped: Maria Sharapova   Sabine Lisicki, the unseeded German, saw a glimpse of hope at the start of her semi-final encounter with Sharapova. She won three straight games through a fantastic array of shots and serves, though this turned. The momentum of the russian tennis juggernaut overwhelmed the german. Lisicki was merely an awkward obstacle on Sharapova’s path to success.   Maria was number 1 in the world in 2005 (WTA) earn’t through her powerful, sharp and majestic tennis play. She…Continue Reading “The woman who cannot be stopped: Maria Sharapova”


The recently reported Cyber attack from China on the Google accounts of top American officials heralds a return to the modern battle between capitalism and communism held in shaky balance between fierce competitiveness and all out war. A survey carried out by the nationalised Chinese newspaper Global times in early 2010 indicated that over 55% of people in China believed that “a cold war will break out between the US and China” and since then incidents such as cyber attacks have been on the increase…Continue Reading “So begins Cold War 2”