We have to be honest with ourselves at this point in time and admit that the current housing market is an absolute shambles. In a country where owning your own home is the norm it’s unacceptable that, for me to be able to purchase a house of a small amount lesser value than my parents or grandparents, I need a mortgage which requires a £60,000 deposit and at least a £70,000-a-year income. This should be expected considering my area of residence: Oxfordshire where house prices…Continue Reading “Housing Policy and the Budget 2015”

It is throughly apt that there are calls for the resignation of G4S head Nick Buckles at the time of this article’s writing as it is a complete justification for the conclusion of the argument to come. It would appear that the insurmountable turmoil of modern society has made the common British citizen, the perpetual target of the British media, rather paranoid. Paradoxically, people seem quite willing, and in many cases quite eager to let a government, that is at least partially responsible for the…Continue Reading “The People Call Blindly For Social Justice”


The European Convention on Human Rights was established to create basic, inalienable rights for all citizens of the EU. It has been under close scrutiny in Britain due to the underlying eurosceptic nature of our political sentiment and thus politicians have sought to provide alternatives and improvements as part of their manifestos to gain popular support. One such politician is David Cameron who pledged to provide Britain with a “British” Bill of Rights. It is all well and good trying to establish who controls our…Continue Reading “Human Rights and Offence”


I am writing now to provide my opinion on one of the largest and most fundamental issues in modern politics. For years it has been debated as to what the government’s role in society should be. Those of a right wing persuasion believe that the government should stay well out of into are public affairs and only pursue the essentials such as law enforcement. Those of a more left wing ideal tend to believe that the government should act as a steadying force to the…Continue Reading “Is The Government Too Involved?”


“Some men aren’t looking for anything logical. They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.” Alfred, Bruce Wayne’s Butler This is the first quote that came to mind, from the critically acclaimed movie “The Dark Knight”, as I read the maniacal ramblings of Twitter user “Lulzsec”. I urge readers to stop reading this article, open a new tab and go and read some of the posts on this Twitter account as I can guarantee you…Continue Reading ““Some People Just Want To Watch The World Burn””


Sky Sports News ran a fairly insignificant feature amongst the madness of the transfer window and tennis today. It revolved around the creation of a new educational establishment in Burnley based inside the Turf Moor stadium of Burnley Football Club. This new establishment looks set to provide such valuable qualifications as a degree in Football Studies. That means that some poor soul will be shelling out £9k a year sometime in the near future for just another virtually worthless degree and then moaning when they…Continue Reading “Stop With The Crazy Degrees”

Prep Sport Football 4

In the run up to the London 2012 the British government has set about plugging grass roots sport as much as they possibly can. As with most recent schemes the money spent has been horribly misallocated and therefore I, as a member of various sports clubs and organisations, have not seen any noticeable benefit. I am of the opinion that the sports development should have been focused a lot more on school sports and not ridiculous school sports that seem to have crept in (ultimate…Continue Reading “School Sports Are The Key”