Firstly, I think my colleague’s article deserves a lot of respect and appreciation as it is well written and well argued. Though his article and some of the conclusions drawn are in-valid and some are based on misunderstanding. 1) The graph in his article is a sketch, that is, it is not based on collected data. The curve representing the gradual increase in scientific knowledge is too simplified, it does not represent the true nature of science. The progress of science is chaotic and does…Continue Reading “In reply to ‘The case for Religion’”


The last few articles by my fellow writer Luke Davis have attracted a lot of attention through his staunch attack on religion and what he seems to imply is the opposite of “reason”. While I can see the logic in many of the points he makes, I find it hard to agree that the voices of logic, reason and science are, without question, the least harmful to the human race and that religion should be ignored. The argument is used by what I ironically call…Continue Reading “The Case For Religion”