The Facebook interview: Nat Eguchi by Luke Kristopher Davis     Louis and Nat Eguchi have had their Ipod application featured in the Banbury Guardian. I am curious about their success and how Nat has built up a curiosity for computer science.  We also discuss other issues that we find important in our lives. (Luke is in Italics) What do you think of your recent success on your app? it’s just proof that a simple app, with very modest marketing can achieve world wide reach in…Continue Reading “A Facebook interview with: Nat Eguchi”

small.DAWKINS_The God Delusion

                                             “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”                                                        – Benjamin Franklin Reading is important. It shapes our thought processes and feeds our hippocampus lobe with facts and our frontal cortex with puzzles. Without the ability…Continue Reading “Four books you need to read before university”


THE SPENDOMETER Oh yes it’s a free one! WHAT IS IT ? The Spendometer is a simple little tool designed to budget your week or month. You input your weekly or monthly budget and input what you spend daily. This information allows the Spendometer to calculate how much you should be spending per day or week and how much money you have left to spend (if you want to keep to your budget). WHO IS IT FOR? It’s for everyone. Though it’s really a question…Continue Reading “Luke’s App of the week: Spendometer”


  NATURE PODCAST HISTORY: Nature is an international science journal which publishes professional papers on a variety of scientific developments, experiments and new theories. It publishes weekly and from a range of universities and teams within different scientific disciplines. The content is technical but the journal provides ‘news and views’ on all the latest discoveries, enabling the public to grasp the effects of the discoveries and the main concepts. You know the content is new and technically accurate. WHAT IS IT? The journal also provides…Continue Reading “Nature Podcast Review”