Many of you with any amount of interest in the wonderfully dramatic world of football will undoubtedly have been informed to some extent about the current Suarez racism case in which Luis Suarez, of Liverpool FC, has been convicted of racism by an ‘independent’ FA panel and been handed an 8 match ban alongside an insignificant £40000 fine. I think it is quite reasonable to suggest that the entire case is a bit dubious with a seeming lack of any substantial evidence and opposing team…Continue Reading “Suarez: Misguided Assumptions”


  The woman who cannot be stopped: Maria Sharapova   Sabine Lisicki, the unseeded German, saw a glimpse of hope at the start of her semi-final encounter with Sharapova. She won three straight games through a fantastic array of shots and serves, though this turned. The momentum of the russian tennis juggernaut overwhelmed the german. Lisicki was merely an awkward obstacle on Sharapova’s path to success.   Maria was number 1 in the world in 2005 (WTA) earn’t through her powerful, sharp and majestic tennis play. She…Continue Reading “The woman who cannot be stopped: Maria Sharapova”


After Andy Murray’s emphatic triumph at Queens it is of no surprise that most of the British media has gone into “Murray mania” in the run-up to the worlds most coveted tennis title at Wimbledon. But it’s surprising that no-one has publicly acknowledged the feeling of dèja vu that tennis fans must be experiencing at the moment as the same thing happens every year. Murray is always in fantastic form heading into Wimbledon and then decides that the prestigious tournament is the perfect opportunity to…Continue Reading “Don’t Build Andy Up”

Prep Sport Football 4

In the run up to the London 2012 the British government has set about plugging grass roots sport as much as they possibly can. As with most recent schemes the money spent has been horribly misallocated and therefore I, as a member of various sports clubs and organisations, have not seen any noticeable benefit. I am of the opinion that the sports development should have been focused a lot more on school sports and not ridiculous school sports that seem to have crept in (ultimate…Continue Reading “School Sports Are The Key”


Well it seems that a great majority of the 2012 Olympic games tickets were allocated and paid for today. It also seems as though the obligatory moaners have come out in force when they checked their bank accounts and found out that no, they didn’t get their 100m finals tickets that they poured all their hopes and dreams into when opting for the £50 lower tier ticket. The fact remains that they knew exactly what they were signing up to and agreeing to when they…Continue Reading “The Olympic Ticket Moaners”


After a glorious summer evening watching the events at Wembley stadium unfold I can say with utmost confidence and satisfaction that justice has been served. The best team in modern football has come out triumphant against the thugs and louts of Manchester. It would have been a travesty if a team who swears at watching audiences, abuses referees and sings about events of human travesty (Hillsborough disaster chants in the FA youth cup this season) were to win the top trophy in club football and…Continue Reading “They never looked like losing”