The woman who cannot be stopped: Maria Sharapova   Sabine Lisicki, the unseeded German, saw a glimpse of hope at the start of her semi-final encounter with Sharapova. She won three straight games through a fantastic array of shots and serves, though this turned. The momentum of the russian tennis juggernaut overwhelmed the german. Lisicki was merely an awkward obstacle on Sharapova’s path to success.   Maria was number 1 in the world in 2005 (WTA) earn’t through her powerful, sharp and majestic tennis play. She…Continue Reading “The woman who cannot be stopped: Maria Sharapova”


After Andy Murray’s emphatic triumph at Queens it is of no surprise that most of the British media has gone into “Murray mania” in the run-up to the worlds most coveted tennis title at Wimbledon. But it’s surprising that no-one has publicly acknowledged the feeling of dèja vu that tennis fans must be experiencing at the moment as the same thing happens every year. Murray is always in fantastic form heading into Wimbledon and then decides that the prestigious tournament is the perfect opportunity to…Continue Reading “Don’t Build Andy Up”