autonomous car

Autonomous vehicles, particularly cars such as the now infamous ‘Google Car’ or the Tesla range of vehicles featuring the ‘Autopilot’ feature, are viewed as one of the more achievable advancements in technology we can expect  to enjoy in the next few years. Nearly every vehicle OEM is scurrying to take advantage of the clear consumer demand and from what I’ve seen in the industry, consumers will be inundated with the first wave of truly autonomous vehicles from around 2020. But are we truly ready to…Continue Reading “Too Soon for Autonomous Vehicles?”


Thought I’d just make a quick note of something I had a think about this morning. I’ve always wondered about the motivation of some firms to provide free services alongside the purchase of a product. For instance, I bought a guitar yesterday and was given a free case and a free set of strings. I didn’t know that I was going to receive these items in addition to the guitar and they certainly didn’t factor into my value appraisal when I considered purchasing. There doesn’t…Continue Reading “The Economics of Apple Engraving”


Insights arising from the atomic theory of matter By Luke Kristopher Davis (Last article) The theory does not coincide with everyday experience    Take a few seconds to look around your present environment; the laptop or PC in front of you, the grass or buildings outside your window, the objects that sit on your table and the body that is you. You can touch the table and it feels quite smooth. Nothing from this experience tells you that matter itself consists of small units called…Continue Reading “Insights arising from the atomic theory of matter”


The Facebook interview: Nat Eguchi by Luke Kristopher Davis     Louis and Nat Eguchi have had their Ipod application featured in the Banbury Guardian. I am curious about their success and how Nat has built up a curiosity for computer science.  We also discuss other issues that we find important in our lives. (Luke is in Italics) What do you think of your recent success on your app? it’s just proof that a simple app, with very modest marketing can achieve world wide reach in…Continue Reading “A Facebook interview with: Nat Eguchi”


Over the last thirty or so years the world has experienced rather rapid innovation in electrical technology. One area which has seen dramatic improvements from this is the entertainment industry. Take, for example, the music industry which has seen it’s leading mediums move from vinyl to tape to CDs and then onto MP3 digital format. One issue I can see now though is that there is very limited scope from this point onwards. If you look at each of the preceding mediums to MP3 you…Continue Reading “Are We Near The Pinnacle Of Digital Entertainment?”


After over a month off from writing due to exams and holidays I am back. It’s a common fact that many travellers rely on as the Holy Grail for choosing hotels and attractions (e.g. restaurants). But are they informed properly? and do they always get the best value for money? For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, TripAdvisor is a leading travel review site which has a primary aim of collating as many traveller reviews as possible for every…Continue Reading “The Flaws In Tripadvisor Rankings”


Chaos   The clockwork Newtonian world recedes in the intellectual horizon. Its time at the frontiers of our science and intuition has come to an end, the gradual rise of a new science has already begun. The seemingly orderly universe which we encounter every second is more liberal than what we thought, instead of being completely predictable and deterministic  nature is unpredictable and chaotic. Does this mean Newton’s laws of motion and all the work derived from them are useless? Shall we hammer out our…Continue Reading “Nature and disorder: Chaos theory”