Over the last thirty or so years the world has experienced rather rapid innovation in electrical technology. One area which has seen dramatic improvements from this is the entertainment industry. Take, for example, the music industry which has seen it’s leading mediums move from vinyl to tape to CDs and then onto MP3 digital format. One issue I can see now though is that there is very limited scope from this point onwards. If you look at each of the preceding mediums to MP3 you…Continue Reading “Are We Near The Pinnacle Of Digital Entertainment?”


I’ve been bombarded over the past week with news stories about the so called “scandalous” sexualisation of British children through media. Shows such as the Xfactor and some music videos contain some content which is so raunchy it is actually considered by some as “soft-core pornography”. Also in the firing line are high street stores which allegedly sell “sexualised” clothing aimed at young girls (something I can attest to having worked in a well know high street store). Additionally there are plans to restrict pornographic…Continue Reading “My stance on the “Watershed” discussion”