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INSIDE NORTH KOREA: Death of big brother, Kwan-li-so, witnesses and satellite photographs By Luke Kristopher Davis (   Isolated from the world since the rein of King-il-Sung, North Korea has become a cold, deluded and power monopolized nation. There ‘beloved’ leader (pictured above) has fallen due to a heart attack but his totalitarian  infrastructure still stands in all of its atrocities. Will the death of King-jon-Il initiate any internal political rebellion or movement? This may be unlikely as a surprising amount of North Koreans show actual distress and sadness…Continue Reading “Inside North Korea”


The Facebook interview: Nat Eguchi by Luke Kristopher Davis     Louis and Nat Eguchi have had their Ipod application featured in the Banbury Guardian. I am curious about their success and how Nat has built up a curiosity for computer science.  We also discuss other issues that we find important in our lives. (Luke is in Italics) What do you think of your recent success on your app? it’s just proof that a simple app, with very modest marketing can achieve world wide reach in…Continue Reading “A Facebook interview with: Nat Eguchi”

Cerebro y Arterias

Our brain and central nervous system by Luke Kristopher Davis An introduction     As you follow the evolutionary history of life on earth you will see that organisms grow in their complexity and efficiency. This complexity is a consequence of minute alterations to DNA which result in complex organs, this alteration is a result of natural selection. Natural selection is a process which sieves out genes that  are no longer useful, are faulty or another gene for a similar function is a much more adapted…Continue Reading “An exploration into: Our brain and central nervous system”


Firstly, I think my colleague’s article deserves a lot of respect and appreciation as it is well written and well argued. Though his article and some of the conclusions drawn are in-valid and some are based on misunderstanding. 1) The graph in his article is a sketch, that is, it is not based on collected data. The curve representing the gradual increase in scientific knowledge is too simplified, it does not represent the true nature of science. The progress of science is chaotic and does…Continue Reading “In reply to ‘The case for Religion’”


“A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be.” – Albert Einstein In the ancient battle between science and religion, evidence versus revelation and reason versus faith, many intellectuals and writers may have not explicitly highlighted who the mastermind behind religion and totalitarianism (dictatorships) really is. In this article I will introduce each position, explain its nature and effects on humans. I will also determine which position is more useful, less harmful, more productive and most importantly… which position…Continue Reading “Science vs. Fundamentalism”

small.DAWKINS_The God Delusion

                                             “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”                                                        – Benjamin Franklin Reading is important. It shapes our thought processes and feeds our hippocampus lobe with facts and our frontal cortex with puzzles. Without the ability…Continue Reading “Four books you need to read before university”


Chaos   The clockwork Newtonian world recedes in the intellectual horizon. Its time at the frontiers of our science and intuition has come to an end, the gradual rise of a new science has already begun. The seemingly orderly universe which we encounter every second is more liberal than what we thought, instead of being completely predictable and deterministic  nature is unpredictable and chaotic. Does this mean Newton’s laws of motion and all the work derived from them are useless? Shall we hammer out our…Continue Reading “Nature and disorder: Chaos theory”