Thought I’d just make a quick note of something I had a think about this morning. I’ve always wondered about the motivation of some firms to provide free services alongside the purchase of a product. For instance, I bought a guitar yesterday and was given a free case and a free set of strings. I didn’t know that I was going to receive these items in addition to the guitar and they certainly didn’t factor into my value appraisal when I considered purchasing. There doesn’t…Continue Reading “The Economics of Apple Engraving”

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In the last 24 hours I have started work on a new web design project for The Isis Magazine based in Oxford. I managed to get the design gig through a friend at university who has previously written for the magazine (many thanks again to Helen) and its probably one of the most prestigious and, in many ways ambitious, projects that I have embarked upon. To best document the project it would be best to provide a little background to Isis (handily provided from its…Continue Reading “A Brief | The Isis Magazine Web Design”

It is throughly apt that there are calls for the resignation of G4S head Nick Buckles at the time of this article’s writing as it is a complete justification for the conclusion of the argument to come. It would appear that the insurmountable turmoil of modern society has made the common British citizen, the perpetual target of the British media, rather paranoid. Paradoxically, people seem quite willing, and in many cases quite eager to let a government, that is at least partially responsible for the…Continue Reading “The People Call Blindly For Social Justice”


The European Convention on Human Rights was established to create basic, inalienable rights for all citizens of the EU. It has been under close scrutiny in Britain due to the underlying eurosceptic nature of our political sentiment and thus politicians have sought to provide alternatives and improvements as part of their manifestos to gain popular support. One such politician is David Cameron who pledged to provide Britain with a “British” Bill of Rights. It is all well and good trying to establish who controls our…Continue Reading “Human Rights and Offence”

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INSIDE NORTH KOREA: Death of big brother, Kwan-li-so, witnesses and satellite photographs By Luke Kristopher Davis (newphysicistphi.blogspot.com)   Isolated from the world since the rein of King-il-Sung, North Korea has become a cold, deluded and power monopolized nation. There ‘beloved’ leader (pictured above) has fallen due to a heart attack but his totalitarian  infrastructure still stands in all of its atrocities. Will the death of King-jon-Il initiate any internal political rebellion or movement? This may be unlikely as a surprising amount of North Koreans show actual distress and sadness…Continue Reading “Inside North Korea”


Many of you with any amount of interest in the wonderfully dramatic world of football will undoubtedly have been informed to some extent about the current Suarez racism case in which Luis Suarez, of Liverpool FC, has been convicted of racism by an ‘independent’ FA panel and been handed an 8 match ban alongside an insignificant £40000 fine. I think it is quite reasonable to suggest that the entire case is a bit dubious with a seeming lack of any substantial evidence and opposing team…Continue Reading “Suarez: Misguided Assumptions”


While at university I have refined a recipe that I have been working on for probably the last two years now. It used to be known as the Wallé bar due to a nickname I was given but they have been faithfully rebranded at university to ‘inside-out cookies’ due to the fact that the chocolate and cookie parts of a chocolate chip cookie have been swapped around. Essentially it is a variation on the standard fridge cake and is really cheap and easy to make…Continue Reading “Recipe: Inside-Out Cookies”